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what they say

"I wanted to thank you for what you, and your whole family, do for us agents.

IPN has helped me achieve my American Dream.

Thank you!"

“I just wanted to say thank you Matt!  Your vision has become other peoples dream!  I am very proud to be a team member of IPN! Go IPN!”

“I really like the team atmosphere. It is true feeling of “US” as a group. Everyone can’t be an expert in everything we provide, but many of us do have specialties. I have no problem calling anyone in our group and saying “can you help me?” You don’t have that in many organizations.” 

“One of the reasons I chose to join IPN over another group is Matt Amack. His vision, business plan and enthusiasm are very inspiring and contagious.” 

“…another selling point for me is we have almost 100 life companies and every financial product needed at our finger tips…” 

“I would recommend IPN to anyone wishing to become independent simply because you truly own your own practice with the fear of production numbers, life sells etc. You run your practice with one thing in mind…your clients!” 

"I like the fact that there are no huge start-up fees and that I have the ability to grow my own book of business. The options that I have with IPN and the opportunity that it provides outmatches the other Independent groups and any captive opportunity that I have looked at.  IPN allows me to live where I want and do business in whatever state I choose to go into. Long term benefits are much higher than the short term sacrifice. "

"I picked IPN over other opportunities because of the flexibility, and the growth potential that is provided by IPN. Having the opportunity to represent some of the nations top companies and having different options to better suit my prospects and clients strengthens my customer service and my business overall."

"I came from the captive side and had to take a step back and look at the big picture. The options that you have working with IPN gives you higher closing percentages as well as increasing your customer service at the same time. The switch to IPN was an easy decision to make and it will pay bigger dividends in the long run."

"I would recommend IPN to other agents. There are high commission scales, higher closing ratios, bonus opportunities, and you own your own book."

"It has meant a higher closing ratio and ultimately more production in my agency. I no longer have to push one company I can give my clients the option to choose."

"IPN is a great group to be a part of. The business opportunity and the chemistry between the agents in the group make it an exciting group to be a part of."

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